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MUJER VACÍO___The film takes the viewer on a journey to experience a woman’s pilgrimage, where she relinquishes all of the burden of her image to finally get to deeply meet her inner self. It is there where she finds the union with all women.
This film is A CONTINUITY of the sculptural project of the artist Bertablanca T. Ivanow, exhibited in 2017 at palau güell, A landmark BUILDING BY ANTONI GAUDÍ.
Directed by omotesando.eu
Performers: Carlota de Carvajal, Ester Guntín & Helena Hernaez
Demeni Goddess: Rakerl Brel
Myth written by: Leticia Sala
Producer: Julia Estruga
Cinematography: Thiago Quadrado
Soundtrack: Nil Ciuró
Cellist: Ofèlia Carbonell
Costume Design: Marta Soldevila
Still Photography__: